PanoWizard Versions (download)

Version (2006-10-26)

  • Added a page to support some Pano2QTVR parameters. Initial field of view, initial pan, initial tilt and compression may now be set from PanoWizard.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • Version of pano12.dll is now installed.

Version (2006-09-08)

  • Included version 1.2.10 of Pano2QTVR in the installation.

Version (2006-07-01)

  • Added the ability to optimize the "360Precision way" and save as a template. To do this, hold the CTRL-key down while pressing "Auto optimize" (this is a temporary solution and will change in the future).

Version (2006-06-14)

  • Included version 1.2.2 of SmartBlend in the installation.

Version (2006-06-05)

  • Included version 1.2.1 of SmartBlend in the installation.

Version (2005-12-27)

  • Included version 1.1.7 of SmartBlend in the installation.
  • PanoWizard now supports the creation of partial panoramas again (this feature was removed in the previous version).
  • Added an auto-optimize feature for single row panoramas.

Version (2005-10-16)

  • Pano2QTVR is now used to create QuickTime movies instead of PanoCube. This enables PanoWizard to create preview tracks while loading the panorama. Advanced users may configure the "pano2qtvr.cfg" section in PanoWizard.xml. The initial pan/tilt/fov parameters are not yet supported, they are set by a standard value specified in PanoWizard.xml.
  • PanoWizard now only supports the creation of full 360 x 180 panoramas. This is what PanoWizard initially was designed for and by removing single row stitching the user interface is simplified a bit. Advanced users may still edit the script file to enable single row stitching.

Version (2005-08-21)

  • PanoWizard now installs version 1.1.6 of SmartBlend.

Version (2005-06-25)

  • Added the "-WrapMode 1" option when creating 360 x 180 panoramas using SmartBlend.
  • Added SmartBlend version 1.1.4b to the installation. It is still a beta release but seems to work just fine. There are still some TIFF format issues resulting in blank output but this is easily fixed in PhotoShop.
  • Made SmartBlend the default option when blending. Enblend is still available when selecting TIFF output.


  • Added SmartBlend to the installation.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version (2005-05-15)

  • Modified the 'auto optimize' feature to support any number of images in the panorama.  For this to be possible, an image type (horizontal, zenith or nadir) is required for each image. This feature is still only available when creating full 360 x 180 panoramas. The first horizontal image is the anchor image and yaw will not be optimized for that image.
  • You may now select a control point by clicking on it in the control point editor (you do not have to press TAB until it is selected).
  • In version all images were cached so they could be displayed faster. However, this actually decreased performance since it took more memory. Images are now only cached when inside the control point editor.

Version (2005-04-19)

  • Optimized the control point editor. Images are now loaded and displayed a bit faster.
  • Modified the 'Auto optimize' feature to fit the Nikon D70 + 10.5 mm using 6, 6 + 1, 6 + 1 + 1 shots or 6 + 1 + 3. The images must be ordered in the following way: first 6 horizontal images (left to right order), then the zenith image, optionally followed by two nadir images and finally a hand held nadir image as the last image. Make sure to have a fairly accurate v value before optimizing. For the Nikon 10.5 mm, 87.5 seems to be a good value.
  • Fixed a GDIPLUS bug in the installation for Windows ME.
  • PanoWizard now supports optimizing the g and t variables.

Version (2005-04-11)

  • Changed the optimization process a bit. PanoWizard now supports different v, a, b, c, d and e variables for each image.

Version (2005-03-21)

  • Enabled PanoWizard to use the SmartBlend utility when panorama output format is other than TIFF. Please note that SmartBlend is not included in the installtion since it is not freeware. SmartBlend.exe along with it's DLL files should be manually copied to the Windows directory or the PanoWizard application directory.
  • Added the 'Auto optimize' feature for full 360 x 180 panoramas. It seems to work OK if you have vertical/horizontal control points. However, the 'v' parameter must be somewhat accurate for it to produce good results.

Version (2005-03-19)

  • When generating control points in previous versions using AutoPano, a temporary directory was created and never removed. This is now fixed.
  • Some AutoPano parameters where also changed. PanoWizard now uses the same default parameters as Hugin.
  • Added the ability to display the control point distances in the control point editor by holding down the SPACE key.
  • Added an 'Optimize' button inside the control point editor.

Version (2005-02-19)

  • Added the latest version of Enblend (2.2) to the installation.
  • Nothing really new in PanoWizard, just changed some texts and icons.

Version (2005-01-27)

  • Added support for the faster stitching option in version of PanoTools. New panorama projects have this option set by default.

Version (2005-01-13)

  • Modified the installation. All required files are now included in the setup (that includes Microsoft XML3, Microsoft GDI+ and Microsoft C++ run-time files). Users that has installed PanoWizard prior to this release should uninstall before installing this version.

Version (2005-01-08)

  • Added the ability to optimize the 'd' and 'e' variables.
  • Added a thumbnail image preview for images.
  • Version of PanoTools is now installed in the application folder (see Jim Watters home page for more information)


  • Added an installation program.
  • Modified the generation process when using Enblend.


  • Fixed a bug in the control point editor. The tabs where not set to correctly when entering/exiting the dialog.
  • Added the Enblend feature when choosing the TIFF output format.


  • PanoWizard now uses MSXML3.DLL instead of MSXML4.DLL for greater compatability.


  • Prepared PanoWizard for using Enblend. Not yet implemented though. Waiting for some spare time...
  • Added the feature to create a HTML wrapper to display a QuickTime movie. Advanced users may edit the PanoWizard.xml file to create their own HTML template.
  • Improved the Control Point Editor a bit I think. Zoom in/out now works a bit better.


  • Added the feature to add horizontal images.
  • Added the ability to add control points using AutoPano for just two images.


  • AutoPano may now be used to generate control points. This greatly improves the panorama making process!
  • Added support for a few more camera models like Canon PowerShot S230, Sony DSC-V1 and Canon IXUS 300 (if you are using a camera not supported, just send me a picture taken with the camera and I will do the rest).
  • Added support for screens where the vertical resolution is higher than horizontal in the Control Point Editor. Images are then placed on top & bottom (instead of left & right).

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